Indications That More Than an Oil Change Is Needed in Goodyear, AZ

One of the fundamentals of car maintenance is changing the oil on a regular basis. It is necessary to keep the engine running smoothly. As your vehicle gets older or if you drive it in extreme climates, you will need to increase the frequency of oil changes. Here are a few indications that it has been too long since you last had the oil changed in your car.

Seeing exhaust come out of the tailpipe is an indication that it is time to visit an auto shop in Goodyear, AZ. This could indicate a serious issue since most vehicles do not release visible exhaust. It could mean that the oil in the motor is old or that your car has a cracked gasket.

Topping off the oil is sometimes necessary between oil changes. However, if it seems like you are filling up the oil constantly, this is an indication that you should visit an auto shop in Goodyear, AZ. You may need repairs in addition to having the oil changed.

When you check the oil in your vehicle, you can learn a lot about the condition of the engine by the color and texture of the oil. If the quality of the oil is bad, the engine will likely make a knocking sound. If you notice that the oil is gritty or dark, you should see a mechanic.

If you notice that the check engine light is always on, it could have something to do with the oil in your vehicle. A mechanic will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue.

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