Sep 4, 2014

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Indications that It’s Time to Upgrade to Custom Trade Show Displays

Is your current display for trade shows still effective? Does it appear dated? Has the scope of your marketing at trade shows and exhibitions changed? Custom trade show displays can be quite an investment so it is important to recognize certain indicators that signal it is time for an upgrade.

Visible Signs of Deterioration

Your displays should be visually pleasing to your potential clientele. However, they can start to show their age and signs of wear and tear due to frequent set up and take down at shows. Transportation from one trade show to another can also take its toll. Tears and stains can occur and even signage fades over time, presenting a dated look. Custom trade show displays may become necessary if your old display is showing wear and tear.

Decline of Positive Responses at Shows

Sometimes, your display may be in good shape but you simply are not getting the attention and positive feedback you expect. It is important to try and examine the content and presentation of your trade show display to see if, perhaps, it needs more pizzazz. It is a proven fact that colors and exceptional graphics draw the eye in addition to a memorable corporate brand or logo.

Blending in with the Crowd

What you do not want to do is have your display blend in with the trade show crowd. If yours looks similar to everyone else’s, there is no hope of truly standing out and having potential clientele remember you. Custom trade show displays are the answer in this instance. Ensure your new displays incorporate at least one striking element. It could be the lighting or table top displays. Bright colors and hands-on demonstrations or technological elements are additional ideas.

New Corporate Services and Products

Does your exhibit display integrate the latest products and services your company has introduced? If not, this is a telltale sign that you should be considering custom trade show displays. You cannot engage potential customers if those new products and services are not adequately and visibly illustrated. A new display can showcase the latest and greatest your company offers. Using terminology in your signage such as “the latest release” or “newly enhanced” can attract people as everyone loves new things.

You have only so much real estate on a trade show floor in which to communicate your company’s message as well as products and services. If your competitors are garnering more attention than you are, it is time to invest in custom trade show displays. There are so many elements that can be incorporated to make the investment worthwhile.

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