In Search of the Best Trucking Companies to Work for

There are many truck driving jobs available today. In fact, many freight companies don’t have enough drivers and the shortage is good news for those looking for employment. You can find some excellent jobs with high pay but not all trucking jobs are the same. Here are some important things to consider when you check out the best trucking companies to work for.


Most drivers get paid by the mile, but some companies pay you on HHG miles while others offer practical miles. It might not seem like a big deal but you can make more money when you choose a job paying practical miles, and here is why.

HHG stands for household goods. It is the shortest possible distance between two shipping points. For example, you might need to drive a load from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Kansas City, Kansas. Suppose the shortest route is 600 miles, but this takes no outside factors into consideration.

Now let’s say the most practical route from Green Bay to Kansas City is 630 miles. This is the mileage you’ll get if you use a GPS map system. As you can see, the difference in HHG and practical miles is about five percent, and this is how much money you’ll lose if you take a job paying HHG miles. That’s why the best trucking companies to work for pay in practical miles.


Many freight companies today offer sign-on bonuses, and some are better than others. For example, experienced drivers can get as much as $7500. However, the best trucking companies to work for also give sign-on bonuses to new drivers, and they can get as much as $2000.

Home Time

Some companies work with you to make sure you get enough home time. This is important for drivers with families. Check these things out before you sign up.

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