Dec 5, 2013

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In a Disaster Everyone Suffers

One of the most popular periods of works for glaziers is usually after some kind of tragedy. It can be a small scale tragedy, such as a break-in—but still a tragedy nonetheless—or it can be something as devastating as the riots that rocked the United Kingdom a couple of years back. Sadly the only people that benefit from such disasters are usually the insurance companies and the clean-up crews. The damage doesn’t actually achieve anything and all it looks like is that the country is a rude anarchic place with no respect for other people and their lives.

Natural disasters are also high on the agenda when it comes to cleaning up, too. After Boscastle disaster, and the Gloucestershire floods there was so much damage that needed repairing, but that damage also brought the people together. Over two months-worth of rain fell in just fourteen hours. Tragedy tends to bring out the best in some humans and we band together to help one another in a moment of crisis. Over three hundred businesses and eighteen hundred homes were flooded during the Gloucestershire floods. The distribution of over twenty-five thousand sand bags did little help as the waters rose higher and crept over all the barriers that people had erected. Almost ninety-six percent of homes were without electricity for at least a week.

Coming from Miles around to Help other People

During the Gloucestershire floods, glaziers were called from all over the locality to replace home windows and shop fronts. Companies that offer glass & glazing in Coventry were being called to help because there was a local shortage of glaziers in some areas.

The same response tends to happen with any disaster, but luckily for the United Kingdom, the severe weather seen during that period is highly unusual. Other countries are not so lucky, however, with Hurricane’s and tornados hitting shores every few months. Indonesia often sees such disaster, as does north America—with Hurricane Katrina, Sandy and Irene. During these times people come from miles around to offer support and practical help. The offer their services for free and volunteer their time just to help put an entire town back on its feet after such a hit. Click here for more information.

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