Nov 12, 2018

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Improving The Yard With Hardscaping In Long Island NY

Improving The Yard With Hardscaping In Long Island NY

There are many different ways a homeowner can beautify the yard. A beautification project doesn’t always have to involve plants. Sometimes, hardscaping can magically transform an area. Try hardscaping to add curb appeal all around the home. Hardscaping means to use non-living materials in landscape design. Examples of hardscaping include sidewalks, decks, fences or edging.

Hardscaping makes small yards seem larger by adding visual dimension. Consider replacing a chain link fence with planks or concrete blocks. Paver stones are a great way to show off a flower bed. Try building a small, arching wall around the flower bed. It adds definition to an, otherwise, boring area. A small backyard should have a beautiful, useful deck. A deck serves as a place to cook, eat and hang out. Stone and Patio Pros sells everything someone needs for hardscaping in Long Island NY. A well-planned deck area adds living space to the home.

Hardscaping can also be used to hide a multitude of sins. For example, add paver stones to cover grass-less areas. Grass can also be replaced with sand and gravel. People who live in hot, dry areas should save money on flowers, and use hardscaping, instead. Add a pool or other water feature. Fountains can be made out of anything. For example, an old birdbath makes a perfect fountain. A stone fire pit would add beauty to any yard. Think of the memories that will be made, sitting around the fire-pit.

Water features should be surrounded by boulders, pebbles, slate pavers or crushed stone. An outdoor dining space is something most homeowners want. A simple idea is to use an arbor for the top of the eating area. Grow flowers on the arbor and place benches underneath. Gravel makes a great floor for the eating area. There is no end to the ideas for hardscaping in Long Island NY.

For the best results, keep things simple. Use a balanced mixed of plants and hardscaping. Use hardscaping to cover up bad soil and add panache to bare corners. Don’t forget to add artistic, whimsical touches to the yard. There are probably lots of items around the house that would add interest in the yard. Visit the site for more details.

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