May 9, 2014

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Improve the Safety and Appearance of Your Home with Architectural Landscape Lighting

You have taken all the steps to create a beautiful home and yard that couldn’t look any better during the daylight hours. You feel pleased and proud every time you pull up to your home. However, once the sun goes down, does your property look as appealing as it can? Do you feel that every area is lit as needed in a way that makes it safe for everyone? There is nothing that can take care of both of these areas better than the right type of architectural landscape lighting.

You can begin by making sure that the sidewalks, driveway and other walking areas are lit in an attractive way that also ensures they are lit well enough to have them safe, even on the darkest nights. Then you can move on to working with professionals to have your home’s architecture and landscaping lit in an artful way to bring out the best features after dark. This may include some up-lighting for trees or other plants and subtle lighting for your deck or patio areas. Architectural landscape lighting can be used to highlight a barbecue area, and any type of water features, such as a pond, waterfall, pool or spa.

For other aspects of safety, there are many choices of security lights that can be used to come on only when needed. These can be effective around sheds, storage units, garages or any area where constant lighting isn’t needed. You don’t have to worry about the cost of the electricity to have this type of lighting either. With the use of LED lighting fixtures, they will use from seventy to eighty-five percent less electricity than other types of lights. They also have high-quality solar lights that will run off the power of the sun, even after the sun goes down.

You don’t have to figure out the best kind of light fixture or where they should be placed. The experienced professional illuminologists with Touchscape Accent Lighting have done thousands of installations over the years and can work with you to easily decide what would work best for your unique situation. Let them work with you to create an outdoor environment that is as safe and appealing as your indoor space.

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