Important Things Your Family Dentist in Manassas Wants You to Know

Have you ever found yourself curious about the thoughts going through the head of your dentist while he or she examines your mouth? Is there anything more you should know about toothpaste except that you should squeeze the tube from the bottom? Continue reading to learn some helpful suggestions provided by a family dentist in Manassas to help guide you in maintaining a healthy and attractive smile.

Dentists Know More Than Just Teeth

Dentists at places like Cascades Dental of Centreville help keep your smile looking beautiful. However, this is just one of the many advantages of sitting on a chair. These professionals are concerned with every aspect of your oral health, from diagnosing and treating jaw disorders to looking out for oral cancer.

There Is a Right and Wrong Way to Using Toothpaste

Most people consider toothpaste to be a form of soap for the teeth. However, according to a family dentist in Manassas, it is more like a topical substance such as lotion. The effectiveness of your toothpaste increases in proportion to the amount of time it spends in contact with your teeth.

Brushing your teeth thoroughly and slowly is just the beginning, you need to let the toothpaste remain on your teeth for a few seconds after each stroke. You should brush and then spit up the foam, but wait half an hour before rinsing. Toothpaste can exert its full potential give this amount of time.

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