Important Things To Know About Your Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio

One of the best resources for patients with a medical marijuana card in the state of Ohio is their medical marijuana doctor. Patients can ask questions at their initial appointment or a follow-up appointment about the use of medical marijuana, the specifics of the card, and even questions about legal issues with the use of medical cannabis.

The Importance of a Qualifying Diagnosis

To qualify for a medical marijuana card, Ohio residents must have a qualifying condition as diagnosed by a doctor. This can be a primary care physician, a specialist, or a medical marijuana doctor.

When patients complete their telemedicine call, the medical marijuana doctor will review the records submitted by the patient. Electronic records and online access to documentation makes it easier for patients to obtain these required records. In addition, a medical marijuana doctor can also make a diagnosis if one is not already on file.

Drug Testing and MMJ Card Holders

A patient with a medical marijuana card does not have any legal protection in Ohio with regard to employer-mandated drug testing. This means it is possible to be required to take a drug test even if you show the MMJ card and have notified the appropriate individuals.

Following the Law

Patients throughout Ohio must follow all laws concerning the use of medical marijuana. This includes purchase limits, avoiding the use of medical marijuana before or while driving a vehicle, no use in public places, and only using approved formulations of medical marijuana.

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