Important Reasons Not to Delay Leaky Roofing Repair in Bellingham

Roofing repair in Bellingham should not be delayed when the home’s residents have noticed a leak. Setting a bucket under the leak is an ineffective way of handling this problem and could result in ongoing damage to the home’s interior. Even placing a tarp over the shingles is not a foolproof solution, as rainwater can travel under it. In addition, the tarp will likely tear and develop small holes over time.

Rotting Wood

The main issue is that the homeowners may have no idea where the leak actually is located. They can see water drip down into a room from the ceiling, but the source of the leak may be several feet away. Water commonly travels down angled beams before it drips into a room. If that situation continues for very long, the wood starts to rot. The deck under the shingles begins to rot as well.

Wet Insulation

Insulation gets wet every time it rains when the roof leaks. That can lead to mold developing while the material remains wet for days.

Additional Expenses

When the homeowners finally call for experienced roofing repair in Bellingham, they will have to get part of their insulation replaced too. They may need to have some wood replaced if the deterioration is significant. If the problem has been occurring in an enclosed area, like a closet, there may be further issues. Ongoing damage may have occurred to drywall or cedar paneling as rainwater dripped down the wall. The carpeting may be moldy and have to be removed.

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