Important Lifeline Services You Might Not Know About

You have probably heard about the lifeline program offered by state and federal government grants. This program provides means for communication and connection to families struggling with low income and other potentially limiting factors. It is well named, as it truly serves as a lifeline for many of these households.

Did you know that these programs offer more than just a free cellphone? Here are some of the services these programs can also provide:

Mobile Phone and Home Phone Service

The most well-known services that the lifeline programs provide include free or discounted cellphone services for those in need. However, these programs also offer free home phone service for people on food stamps and other assistance programs. This allows people of all ages and with all types of communication needs to get the phone service they need.

Broadband Service

In today’s world, access to a phone is not enough. Most households also require access to the internet to be further connected. While community resources like libraries provide this to many people, those access points have been much harder to come by during the last two years.

One way that state and federal governments have been working together to solve this problem is by providing free broadband internet access to those in need. This allows low-income households with members who need to work or attend school from home to do so safely and without interruption.

Additional Discounts and Community Program Access

There are other benefits of the lifeline program that many people do not know about. Some of these include discounts on current bills or expenses and access to other assistance programs open to those who receive lifeline phones or internet. To find out more about what you or your household might be entitled to through this program, speak to providers of your other household services, your local government benefits office, or your child’s school.

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