Dec 9, 2015

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Important Information Regarding Wrongful Death Attorney in Saint Paul

Important Information Regarding Wrongful Death Attorney in Saint Paul

If an individual loses someone through the fault of another person or entity (automobile manufacturer), then they might have the right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrong death lawsuits seek compensation for the survivors losses including lost earnings, loss of companionship, and even funeral costs. If there is any doubt consult with a Wrongful Death Attorney Saint Paul.

A wrongful death claim and the right to file one is a fairly recent concept in this country’s history, as the “common laws” or those brought to the United States by England certainly did not allow for it. But over the last 100 years, state and federal courts began granting the individuals the right to bring forth wrongful death lawsuits. All 50 states now have some version of a wrongful death law. Wrongful death claims run the gamut from fatal automobile accidents to, of course, medical malpractice cases.

A wrongful death claim can only be filed by the representative on behalf of the survivors that have suffered as a result of the deceased death. The survivors are referred to as the “real parties in interest” and the representative is often the executor of the deceased estate. The real parties in interest might include immediate family members. Immediate family members such as spouses and children (including adopted) and the parents of unmarried children can recover compensation by wrongful death suits.

Also financial dependents, life partners, and putative spouses have the right to recover. Many states also allow distant family members such as brothers, sisters, and grandparents to pursue wrongful death suits. In addition, some states allow anyone who has suffered financially due to someone’s death, even if not blood-related or through marriage, if that death resulted in the survivor’s loss of care or support. Consult with a lawyer at Rutzick Law Offices as to what is permitted.

Wrongful death lawsuits by a wrongful death attorney in Saint Paul can be brought against nearly any person, entity, company, government agency, and employees. An example might be an automobile accident involving a faulty road and a drunk driver, a wrongful death lawsuit may include defendants like the drunk driver, the engineer or builder of the faulty roadway, the government agency that failed to provide warnings of the road hazard which caused the accident, the persons who sold, served, or provided alcohol to the drunk driver, or the owner of the premises where the alcohol was obtained.

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