May 17, 2017

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Important Considerations For Medical Packaging Of New Products

Important Considerations For Medical Packaging Of New Products

When it comes to bringing new medications to the market, the FDA has a very long and detailed process. For most new drugs today, this process will take up to 12 years and will cost in excess of 2.6 billion dollars.

Every aspect of the drug will be considered in the approval, including the medical packaging, labeling, information provided to the patients and other relevant details including dosage and use recommendations. Getting the packaging correct will be important both in the design and development phase as well as in actual production.

Finding the right manufacturing for the medical packaging is going to be essential after approval. This will include a company that has the ability to understand the regulatory requirements from multiple agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as well as the other agencies as required based on the specific item.

Packaging Options

Depending on the markets where the over-the-counter or the prescription medication will be sold, it may be essential to look for a company that offers a variety of packaging options.

If one company can provide bottling, blister card packages, cartooning, kit assembly and physician samples, there will be fewer challenges with production and shipping.

Serialization Ability

An essential consideration is a serialization, particularly for export outside of the United States. However, even in the US, serialization will be required. By choosing a company with this capacity and ability as well as multiple options for aggregating and managing this requirement, the medication will be fully compliant and your company will be ahead of the game.

Make sure to check that the company offers full integration of their software with your production system software and that of any 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider for effective and efficient data transfer that is provided according to the industry standards.

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