Oct 5, 2017

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Importance of Laser Alignment in Austin

Importance of Laser Alignment in Austin

Soft foot, alignment using a straightedge, thick gauge alignment, and comparator alignment are all ways of properly aligning machine parts, but the most efficient method is by means of laser alignment. Laser alignment is similar to alignment using comparators, but it eliminates most of the inconveniences associated with that method and also comes with an automated operation.

Laser alignment makes use of electronic equipment and light beams instead of mechanical instruments and metal rods to align machine components. The use of electronic equipment increases the accuracy of the calculations and graph plotting and eliminates many errors associated with other forms of alignment. Also, the images that are depicted on the screens help the operator or technician to properly execute alignment procedures.

Types of Laser Alignment

There are two types of laser alignment equipment: single laser alignment and double laser alignment. If the single laser is used, the beam is discharged from the receiver/emitter laser after which it fixes onto a shaft and is then reflected by the prism or receiver located on its opposite shaft. The double laser has a laser for each shaft and discharges a beam that is received on the other end of the shaft by a receiver.

Importance of Laser Alignment

The importance of laser alignment in Austin cannot be overemphasized since it helps to prevent the problems associated with misaligned machine components. There is a lot of friction between such misaligned components, and this will cause increased wear and tear and a sudden jump in the machine’s temperature. The bearings are also strained, resulting in the reduction of their lifespan as well as increasing the possibility of malfunction and damage.

Report Generation

One of the benefits of using a laser alignment system is the ease of setup and operation. Older alignment technology often requires complex calculations and skilled technicians who are well versed in their operation before they can be used effectively.

Laser alignment systems can directly generate reports in PDF format, thereby making it easier to interpret the results. Such reports can be generated before and after the alignment to enable the technicians to keep track of the entire process.

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