Feb 18, 2013

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Importance of Annual Visits to Your Veterinarian

Importance of Annual Visits to Your Veterinarian

Your pet’s annual checkup is an important part of your cat or dog’s healthcare regimen. This visit is crucial to allow your vet to thoroughly examine your pet’s head and body and look for signs of injury, illness or disease. It’s important to begin annual visits to your local vet clinic when your pet is young, as younger pets are more susceptible to a plethora of dangerous illnesses. Learn more about why regular vet care is critical to a long, healthy life for your cat, dog or other beloved pet.

Looking for Warning Signs
During your pet’s annual exam, your veterinarian will perform a detailed examination. This will include feeling the skin for lumps, sores or anything abnormal that could indicate an injury or health problem. Your vet will also have the opportunity to watch your pet for subtle warning signs of illness, such as a minor cough or green discharge from the eyes. During your visit, your pet’s heart, mouth and body will also be checked.

Administering Vaccinations
Your pet’s annual checkup is the perfect time for him to receive his scheduled vaccinations. These vacations help to prevent deadly, but fully preventable, diseases that affect our pets. These include vaccinations for distemper, rabies and leukemia. Vaccinations are vital for your pet’s health, keeping him healthy longer. Vaccinations need to be given to dogs and cats shortly after birth and will continue through his lifetime.

Creating a History
Bringing your pet to the veterinarian gives your pet and his doc the opportunity to get to know one another. Your vet can learn a lot about your pet’s temperament, typical behavior, weight and overall health through regular visits. This information could be useful for your vet in case your pet begins to “not act right.” When your vet knows how your pet normally acts, he can make a better diagnosis according to the symptoms.

Ruling Out Illness & Disease
Just because your pet doesn’t look sick, doesn’t mean he’s not. It can be difficult to judge your pet’s health by the way he looks or acts. Your vet has the tools and knowledge needed to diagnosis and treat illnesses that may not be obvious to the pet owner. Heartworms and other internal health problems may require blood work to be taken by your vet. When you bring your pet to his annual visits, your vet has the opportunity to rule out any major illnesses and treat any existing ones.

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