Jul 24, 2018

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Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry in St Peter MN

A dental implant is a practical solution when a tooth is missing but remains expensive and not reimbursed by Medicare. Is it necessary to go ahead with a procedure when the subtleties are not understood? No, but Cosmetic Dentistry in St Peter MN is the best way to get the information you need on methods like this.

Are dental implants a great option?

An implant is a man-made root, typically made from titanium. It replaces roots that have been extracted or were damaged due to infection, periodontal disease, or trauma. The implant is placed in the jaw, which should have enough bone to hold the implant in place for decades. On the other hand, if the root of the tooth is in excellent condition and is preserved, the dentist will not suggest an implant be placed. It is essential to understand that an implant is not a dental prosthesis, but the anchor point to a fixed prosthesis: a crown or a bridge.

Choosing the right practitioner

All dental surgeons and stomatologists can place implants, but it is best to see those who are used to performing the procedure on a regular basis (with success). Ask your dentist if he or she has a university degree or training in implantology, and how many implants they place over the course of a year. According to experts, a dentist must include a quote for the entire procedure.

The quote should break down the treatment, the number of implants, the materials used, the possible alternatives and the risks. Cosmetic Dentistry in St Peter MN isn’t cheap, but it is effective.

It is necessary to treat dental issues before laying an implant

After a medical examination and a panoramic X-ray (or even a scan), the dentist determines whether or not implants can be placed. Any routine care to the gums and teeth are then performed because the mouth must be free of all issues before the placement of implants. For aesthetic reasons, the implantation can be done just after the extraction of a tooth, but most often, it is planned after the bone has healed. Request an appointment or contact the office for more details.

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