Feb 1, 2013

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If you translate your web site, it must be done right

How often have you bought something that was made in China and it needs assembly? Often you open the instruction booklet, roll your eyes and hope for the best. You most certainly do not want this to happen to you.

There are very few companies that do not have a web site any more; they have become the primary tool for marketing and product promotion. Catalogs and brochures are rapidly losing favor and are being replaced by a web site. Not only does the site save money, it allows a company to “go global” but to do it right website translation services are a must.

Once a company opens itself up to the world with its web site, it can expect to get interest and inquiries from overseas. The inquiries will only come from a limited number of foreign firms if the site is only in English, to genuinely open up export markets you need to address your potential clients in their own language or at least one or more of the worlds more common languages such as French, German and Spanish.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have people on the ground that can make the translations, you will have to engage the services of reputable website translation services. Unfortunately, not any old translation service will do the job, translations that are going to attract potential customers and partners must be more than just translated, they have to be localized. Just as we have idioms and “buzz words” in English, the same holds true with other languages. It is a full understanding of how that language is really used that makes the difference between a very good presentation and a presentation that looks like a set of Chinese assembly instructions.

The combination of products and services and the markets they can address is vast. If your service is somewhat scientific for example, then someone who is not well versed in the subject will probably not do the translation justice. As well as having a translation that is localized, the website translation services you use must have the work done by people who have a close affinity to the subject. An engineer who speaks excellent German is far better at translating a technical site than any person who simply speaks German. It is the background of the translator that makes a world of difference in the finished product.

Do not try to cut corners with the translation of your web site. Your potential customers will see immediately that you are not serious about expanding into their market. Just as you expect the best presentation don’t think that you are alone. The company that takes expansion into foreign markets seriously will win.

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