Apr 9, 2014

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If You Live In Boise, Idaho; Where Can You Get Yourself A Recreational Vehicle?

There are Boise RV dealers and distributors; but, you have to bear two things in mind before you visit any of them. The market for RV’s is not huge and the term RV can be applied to many very different types of vehicle; this means that the Boise RV dealers may not have a big selection to show to you; plus, you need to be fairly clear in your mind which type of RV you are looking for; before you start scouring the showrooms and sales lots.

Static Or Mobile?

Bearing in mind that the designation RV stands for Recreational Vehicle; which does not include “fun” vehicles; you are looking for something that you can, at least, sleep in overnight when travelling. Obviously, your RV has to be able to move itself from “A” to “B”; but, it could still be a static vehicle in its own right; the term RV includes travel trailers which are static; until you tow them somewhere using another motorised vehicle.

However, trailer towing can be inconvenient and many people do not fancy the concept; so, the odds are that you are thinking of a vehicle that you can drive; but, it has sleeping accommodation inside and, at least, some of the comforts found in your home. A largish vehicle such as an SUV could be modified so that the seats recline to become (almost) comfortable beds and there is space and equipment in the back to, maybe, boil a kettle of water to make your morning coffee. Not exactly a comfortable way to travel; but it would mean that you could use the vehicle for the majority of your driving needs (commuting to work; going to the mall; etc., etc.).


It is self-evident that, the larger an RV becomes; the more “home comforts” that can be fitted inside it; however, the downside of this is that a big RV is hardly suitable for the majority of your driving needs. So, if you want all the comforts of home while travelling, you are looking at buying a vehicle that will spend most of its time parked up and sitting, unused and “moth-balled” somewhere. Your budget should include not only the RV purchase price; but also, the cost and convenience of keeping it parked up most of the time.

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