Dec 27, 2017

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If I Don’t Take Opiates, I Feel Anxious, What to Do?

If I Don’t Take Opiates, I Feel Anxious, What to Do?

A lot of people who take drugs, find that certain ones help them feel better, in normal ways. Some folks say, they do not take drugs to become intoxicated, rather, the drugs make them feel less anxious. What does this mean?

What this is likely to mean, is that if one has an underlying problem with anxiety, say Panic Attacks for instance; the person might find that taking Opiates helps their Panic Attacks. A person with Panic Attacks may feel less anxiety while under the influence of Opiate Pain Medication or Heroin.

This is a common form of what is known as “self-medicating.” Some folks stumble on to a drug abuse, only to realize the drug(s) help(s) their underlying mood or anxiety symptoms. When this happens, it can be extremely for the individual to stop their drugs of abuse, because their underlying problems with anxiety will come back. For that reason, it is important to make an accurate diagnosis of an underlying condition, and to treat the underlying condition with appropriate, non-addicting medications. Otherwise, it can become impossible to get stop the drug of abuse.

In the case of Opiate pain medication; abusing Opiates can result in death. Being prescribed a medication which is not habit forming, in order to treat the underlying problem; can then make it much easier to stop taking Opiates. If a treatment for example, can stop the Panic Attacks, then the person can be more comfortable in stopping the Opiates.

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