Feb 17, 2014

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Ideas for Poolside Brick Pavers in Bradenton, FL

Swimming pools are usually one of the most beautiful and used features of a home that has one. Along with adding extra living space and value to a home, a well-designed swimming pool area is akin to having your own private oasis in your back yard. A large part of the beauty of a swimming pool is the décor and design of the area immediately surrounding it. A simple way to instantly enhance and improve the look, functionality and safety of your pool area is by adding brick pavers. Consider the following design ideas for your poolside brick pavers in Bradenton, FL.

Multi-colored Pavers – Brick pavers come in a variety of colors that compliment any pool and that include options such as tan, sandstone, rust, cooper and apricot. One of the best designs for brick pavers is to include three or more different colors in a revolving pattern to create a multidimensional finish. This adds interest and character to your pool area, giving it an exciting finish.

Spaced Pavers – Another common design option for brick pavers is spacing them out at exact intervals and allowing grass to grow between them. This is an ideal option if you prefer to have a little green space surrounding your pool area, but also want the benefits that having brick pavers brings.

Horizontal, Vertical and Angled Designs – The way you lay brick pavers around the pool can add interest and boost the aesthetic appeal of the area. Put single colored or multi-colored pavers in horizontal, vertical or angled patterns or with a little more time and effort, pentagons, diamonds, ovals and any other geometric shape you can imagine. Intricate designs such as the herringbone, zigzag and parquet patterns are other beautiful options to consider, as well as creating a completely customized design from scratch.

Use these design ideas and options to select your Brick Pavers in Bradenton, FL. Your imagination is the only thing standing between you and the pool of your dreams. Whether you are building a brand new pool or renovating an existing one, it is important to use the expertise of a qualified pool renovation specialist to get the best results. Contact Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas today to schedule a consultation and receive an estimate to have brick pavers installed.

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