Ideas for Planning a Friendsgiving Event in Your Student Apartment

Friendsgiving is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends in your student housing apartments in Charlotte, NC. While coming up with ideas may seem like a challenge, planning a Friendsgiving dinner is easy because there are not any set rules for the event.

Build a Themed Menu

Building a themed menu makes it easier to shop because you are sticking to certain dishes and ingredients. For example, you may want to stick with hors d’oeuvre, or maybe you want to serve only traditional dishes. Another idea is to host an evening event of just desserts, such as pies and cookies.

Use DIY Place Settings

You only need a few items to create place settings for your guests. One idea is to write a guest’s name on a piece of card stock, using a hole punch at the top. Tie a piece of yarn or twine through the hole, with the other end attached to the stem of seasonal fruit. Utensils can be rolled in a napkin and placed next to the plate.

Ask Your Guests For Help

There is nothing wrong with asking your guests for help with Friendsgiving. After all, hosting a dinner party can be a lot for one person to do alone. Your friends may want to help prepare meals, set the table, or clean up after dinner. It is best to avoid making your guests feel obligated to help because they may have other plans before or after your event.

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