Ideas For Choosing Interior Doors For Family Homes

While some people may assume that a door is just a door, there may be different considerations for those with kids and pets in the home than those without. Choosing the right style of interior doors based on the type of traffic and wear and tear expected is an important starting point.

It is always essential, particularly in busy households, to choose top-quality interior doors. While it may be tempting to go with the lower cost hollow types of doors, they are more likely to be damaged and they are also much less durable. A solidly-built door will last a lifetime, resulting in cost-savings for the family.

With top quality, it will also be important to make several different considerations with regards to the style, design and options with the finish of interior doors. With the versatility of these doors, they are a great match for any home décor and design, and they will definitely stand the test of time.

Wood Stain or Painted Doors

Wood interior doors are a beautiful addition to any home. The rich wood colors and even the grain are enhanced with a stain color of your choice. Wood stain is very durable and, with new technology in the stain and the sealant, it will last for years, even with being scuffed, rubbed and used in homes with kids and pets.

Painted doors are also a consideration, but keep in mind that paint sits on the surface of the wood and doesn’t penetrate like stain. This means that scratches, dings and damage will require continual touch-ups to keep the door looking new. Paint can also wash off, fade, peel or flake depending on the quality.

Solid Wood or Lites

Typically for interior doors (bedrooms or bathrooms), solid doors without glass, known correctly as lites, are the most common option. However, for other areas of the home between living spaces such as a home office, storage closets and game rooms, lites in the door add style and design.

If you have children and pets, doors with lites in the top half of the door and solid bottom can be a great option. This provides additional light and visibility into the rooms, but the bottom panel of wood also gives these interior doors a more durable and long-lasting design feature.

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