Apr 16, 2014

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Hydrogen Peroxide – Cleaning Teeth Naturally

The desire to have clean, white teeth is not restricted to self absorbed or insecure individuals. The search for whiter teeth is not a fad. In fact, people from all different walks of life want to have the confidence that today’s society demands of them. They want to have the kind of smile that helps them get what they want and need from life. To achieve this, some turn to the teeth whitening industry for solutions. Others scorn this method. They prefer to look at natural teeth whitening products. What this latter group often fails to realize is that the basic ingredient of most teeth whitening products, hydrogen peroxide, is considered a natural substance.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 is a chemical compound. It is comprised of two separate molecules hydrogen and oxygen in an equal ratio of two and two. Hydrogen peroxide is:

*   Slightly thicker than water
*  Odorless
*  Colorless
*  Binds easily with water
*  Reacts quickly when it comes in contact with other substances
Hydrogen peroxide is an active agent in the teeth whitening process. Whether you turn to dental office, commercial or natural teeth whitening products, you frequently find it listed or noted as an active ingredient in the procedure.

What Teeth Whitening Products Contain Hydrogen Peroxide

When it comes to regular or natural teeth whitening products, the question is not what products contain hydrogen peroxide but rather what ones do not utilize this active substance as a whitening agent. Among the list you will find the following whitening products:

*  Whitening kits – they use a whitening gel that is most often contains hydrogen peroxide. They also may have a whitening toothpaste or other form of pre and post treatment that lists H2O2  as a significant ingredient

*  Whitening Strips – they are thin strips that adhere to the teeth. They contain an amount of hydrogen peroxide

*  Whitening pens – Like strips, this product has as a major ingredient H2O2

*  Whitening Gel – an integral part of most whitening kits, this gel contains hydrogen peroxide
No matter how you look at it, hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient found among both commercial and natural teeth whitening products. It is a safe, reliable and successful means of obtaining a whiter, brighter smile. Hydrogen peroxide products have proven to be reliable for years. As long as people continue to search for the perfect smile, it will continue to be the method of choice by millions of Americans.

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