Aug 5, 2014

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HVAC Systems Help Everyone Keep Their Cool in Oklahoma City

Maintenance is the key to keeping the electrical, mechanical and environmental systems of homes and businesses functioning properly. This is certainly the case with the heating and cooling of buildings. The proper design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems means environments will be comfortable no matter the weather and HVAC systems will operate efficiently, saving money and minimizing emergency heating and cooling service calls.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The HVAC system keeps everyone comfortable, controls humidity and can help to keep the air clean. In Oklahoma, a company that can design, install, replace and repair HVAC in Oklahoma City can create a maintenance schedule that will help keep your system operating smoothly.

A common way to heat a building is to use a furnace, which burns propane, natural gas, heating oil or other fuel to heat the air. Heating systems can also use electricity to produce heat, but this can be quite expensive. Air conditioning units are used to cool by removing heat from inside using refrigerants that transfer the hot air outside, leaving the air cooler inside. Ventilation systems have become more popular in recent years and having such a system to clean the air can be very beneficial to anyone with respiratory problems. Every type of heating, cooling and ventilation system requires maintenance to operate efficiently.

Recent advancements in HVAC include the development of a single unit called a heat pump to both cool and heat a building. When the weather is cold, a heat pump will take warmth from the outside air, condense it and transfer, or pump it into a building via duct-work. When it’s very cold out, a supplemental heating coil adds additional warmth. When cooling is required, a heat pump works in reverse. Just as the heat pump removed heat from outside to warn the building, it now removes heat from inside to make the home or office more comfortable. New technologies include heat pumps that harness geothermal energy to keep buildings comfortable. All of these technologies require installation and maintenance of equipment to run efficiently.

To keep a system operating efficiently, home and business owners should contact Benchmark Mechanical Inc. who can professionally design, install and maintain both commercial and residential HVAC in Oklahoma City. Proper service of HVAC systems will keep work and living environments comfortable, no matter what the weather.

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