HVAC Industry Being Transformed By Technology, Innovation

The HVAC sector has gone high tech in a big way. New software applications, the internet, the “Internet of Things,” smart meters and much more have revolutionized the way home and businesses owners take care of heating and cooling interior spaces.

One example is movement-activated air conditioning. Thanks to engineers at MIT, any room can now be activated to turn on the AC only when people enter the room. The ingenious design involves motion-detecting sensors attached to aluminum rods which hang from the ceiling.

Thermally driven air conditioning may be another game changer. This remarkable system is not traditional AC at all. Rather, the system leverages solar energy that is backed up by natural gas when the sun isn’t shining. It’s extremely cost effective and less energy intensive than traditional AC units.

Millions of people have smartphones, smart watches and smart thermostats, but what about an entire home – a “Smart Home?” They’re already here. A Smart Home leverages connected systems and smartphone apps that place at our fingertips control of cooling, heating, security, lights, surveillance and entertainment all on one screen — and no matter where you happen to be, home or away.

Innovations like these are driving demand for HVAC business solutions as more company owners are eager to save money and streamline their business processes with smart HVAC technology. Part of those solutions involves software.

Examples of powerful HVAC business solutions are technologies like integrated load analyzers and service ticket tracker software. A load analyzer is an app that can very quickly prove a load for a single-family home. All data can be gleaned from the app, including square footage, age of the home, number of bedrooms and more.

Ticket tracker software makes it super easy to schedule, service, and create customer invoices on service jobs. Best of all, it can be done from anywhere.

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