HVAC Companies in Austin, TX Can Help You Choose the Right System

Is it time for an upgrade for your HVAC system? The purpose of this type of system is to make your indoor space feel more comfortable. Choosing the right system can not only make you feel better doing the things you love to do in your indoor space, but it can save you money on heating and cooling. Three types of systems HVAC companies in Austin, TX, offer include split systems, zoned systems and window systems.

Split Systems

These type of systems utilize an indoor and outdoor unit. These systems consist of an indoor unit that is responsible for circulating the air and contains the refrigerant, as well as an outdoor unit that features a condenser coil and compressor. It can be a perfect option for energy-efficient buyers and popular for residences and smaller commercial properties. HVAC companies in Austin, TX, can help you in determining if this is the right system for you.

Zoned Systems
These types of systems are a little more complicated. They are designed to heat and cool individual spaces within a building via a series of valves within the ductwork, which can be opened and closed based on your heating and cooling needs. It’s typically a more popular option for larger residential and commercial buildings since you can choose where you want to heat/cool in the building.

Window Systems
These types of systems are meant to cool or heat one room and are generally more affordable. Installation is usually accomplished in a wall or window. Some are meant to only cool, while others are used to heat as well. HVAC companies in Austin, TX, can provide the necessary information to help you determine if this cost-effective solution is the best one for your needs.

If you would like to learn about various types of HVAC systems and how an HVAC company in Austin, TX, can help, visit the Chuck’s AC website to find out more.

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