Hurt in an Accident? Trucking Accidents Attorney in Joliet, IL Can Help

Automobile accidents with tractor trailer trucks can change your life and health forever. The weight and size of a tractor trailer cause & injuries you won’t see in a normal automobile accident. If you’ve found yourself with injuries resulting from this type of accident, contact Trucking Accidents Attorney in Joliet IL.

Injuries normally received during this type of accident are head injuries, broken bones, and even death. Tractor trailer accidents are usually deadly, often killing entire families. Head injuries and broken bones are permanent injuries that will never fully heal. Your loved one could end up with permanent brain damage or may have suffered a concussion. They may even have problems speaking or thinking clearly again after an accident.

With these types of injuries, it is important you contact a Trucking Accident Attorney in Joliet IL. They are familiar with the federal laws truck drivers must follow in order to be safely on the highway. They also know what to look for in the driver’s log book. This book, which is sometimes electronic, logs the hours the driver has been on the road. They can review the maintenance log of the truck the company is to keep and the post trips and pre-trip inspections the driver is mandated to maintain.

Federal laws regulate how long a truck driver is permitted to drive in a day as well in a week. When you have an experienced attorney, they will be able to quickly identify when a driver has been working too long or if a truck had maintenance issues that weren’t addressed. They will also deal with the insurance companies so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries or grieving the loss of your family member.

If you were the driver of the truck or were operating a vehicle during your course of employment, you need to contact a workers compensation lawyer. Your claim will be handled under the worker compensation law, not your private insurance.

An experienced attorney cannot medically correct your injuries, nor can they return a deceased loved one to you. However, they will fight relentlessly to make sure you receive the financial compensation you or your family member deserves. If you have mounting medical bills and are losing income from being unable to work, it is imperative you contact an attorney to fight for what you’re entitled to.

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