Dec 12, 2013

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Hurt in a Crash? Call an Accident Lawyer in King George, VA

Teens can’t wait to get their driver’s license and often parents can’t wait to have teens drive themselves to appointments. However, the sad fact is that teens are involved in many accidents each year. Their age and inexperience doesn’t exclude them from the harsh penalties of injuring another person. If they were talking on their cellphone or texting when the accident occurred, then they were negligent. The person they injured should contact an Accident Lawyer in King George VA area to receive the financial compensation they are entitled to.

The amount of damages that a person receives depends upon the cost of medical treatment related to their injury, lost income and emotional trauma. Often car accidents result in whiplash, brain injury or back problems. These can be difficult to diagnose and the insurance company may insist that they aren’t as bad as the injured person claims they are. Many people experience back problems or headaches in their life. Many of these episodes are of short duration and the person makes a full recovery. However, the insurance company may try to claim that the severity of the injury can be partly blamed on a previous history of back or neurological problems. An Accident Lawyer such as John P. Harris III can work with medical professionals to show that this isn’t the case.

Many injured people wait too long to seek legal advice. When an insurance claim adjuster contacts them, they think that the person has their best interest at heart. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The insurance adjuster is paid by their company to keep the claim as small as possible. They care about the company’s profit margin and not the injured person’s medical bills and mortgage. While the amount of money may seem large to a person, it might only pay a small portion of a very long rehabilitation period. An Accident Lawyer King George VA is familiar with similar injuries and typical payouts. While it is always the client’s decision to accept or reject a settlement offer, they will be able to counsel them about a fair amount of compensation. If the insurance company rejects this amount, they are ready to go to trial to let a jury decide the amount. Check over here.

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