Apr 4, 2013

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How You Can Save Money Buying a Used Toyota Engine

Do you own a car of the Toyota make? Buying a Used Toyota Engine can be a smart decision for both your finances and your car. Keep reading to learn how.

The Engines Are Thoroughly Tested

Though the condition of a Used Toyota Engine depends on how the previous owner took care of it, a quality seller will conduct thorough testing to make sure that the engine is properly working. The Ultra 5 test checks to make sure the most important parts of an engine are working.

  • A Compression Test measures the cylinder pressure by removing the spark plug and attaching a pressure gauge to the cylinder. Then, the battery starter is connected to the engine starter motor. When the engine is turned on, if the pressure difference is between 4 or 6 cylinders more than 10%, as measured in psi units (pounds per square inch), the seller will either lubricate the cylinder, as this can happen if it has been inactive from disuse for a long time and may be sticking, or proceed to take the leak down test.
  • A Leak Down Test makes sure that there are no leaks between the cylinder head and block and checks the status of the head gasket. If it is worn out, it means the water pump, cooling system, thermostat, radiator hoses, or radiator aren’t working, and they don’t ship the engine.
  • An Oil Pressure test shows the state of the oil pump. The specialist uses an oil pressure gauge to measure, and if the oil level is too low, they will ship the engine with a higher and more accurate oil pressure pump.
  • A Sludge Check measures the level of sludge, which is oil that has built up in the engine tanks and pressure tubes due to the oil not being changed regularly. The specialists will open the valve cover to see if there is any sludge in the engine. If there is, the engine will not be shipped.
  • A Final Overall Inspection checks the block for cracks, alternator brackets, the AC compressor, the power steering pump, seals up openings, takes out external parts, steam washes and then ships the engine!

A Used Toyota Engine also is cheaper because it has lower mileage than other engines, but with these tests, you will be ensured a safe product.

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