Apr 16, 2014

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How You can Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Booths Stand Out

Making the decisions to participate in a trade show is big and can equate to big bucks and big exposure; when you do it right. In order to really have big results from your trade show exhibit booths you need to be sure to stand out and demand attention. Use the tips here to do just that.

Trade Show Booth Tips

When it comes to your booth, just putting up a table and banner will definitely not due; in fact, doing the bare minimum will likely get you very little attention from attendees. Instead use these tips:

* Choose great lighting options.
* Create a “show discount” sign that highlights something that has been discounted significantly on your table for the tradeshow.
* Make best seller and new item signs and highlight your goods appropriately.
* Be sure that your booth number is one every single page of everything that you hand out.

Booth Social Networking

A huge tip that will drive traffic and build connections all at once including creating a scavenger hunt with a number of other vendors at the show. Create a passport or map that visitors can get stamped and then turn in for a prize. The key here is to be creative and create an incentive that will get visitors to your booth.

Ways to Stand Out

In order to be successful at a trade show, you have to stand out. Some tips to achieve this include:

* Use chrome and color for your trade show exhibit booths; shiny and color attracts attention!
* Provide superior guest services and interact will everyone that passes by.
* Be sure to send out pre-show marketing such as flyers and invitations announcing your presence at the trade show.

Don’t Forget to Sell

While presentation, branding and overall visibility is key for your tradeshow success, there are a few other points that will help you close the sale as well:
The location of your booth.

* The back drop of your booth.
* Corner space is great.
* Don’t use bags -; let the products you sell be seen; then everyone will want one.
* Give your product out to as many people as possible.

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