How Wire EDM Helps Manufacturers of High-Precision Parts Stay on the Leading Edge

Wire EDM is a technique of cutting materials that conduct electricity. Its high exactitude and minimal tooling make it possible to create hundreds of parts at once by stacking thin material. This medium to high-volume method of EDM cutting is less costly than stamp tooling, making it a competitive option.

Capabilities of Wire EDM Services in Minnesota

This process can meet various needs, including:

• Wire sizes of 0.002″ to 0.012″

• Contacts for test sockets

• 0.0002″ tolerances, depending on design and material

• 0.001″ to 10″ thick materials

• A wide range of conductive alloys

• Micro-miniature designs

• Close tolerances for high-volume contacts

• Low or no tooling costs

• Perfect process for pre-hardened materials

• Utilizes precious metals

• Prototyping with quick turnaround


Wire EDM services in Minnesota are an asset to a business that works in product design and design for manufacturing and assembly with prototyping software and SLA modeling. Wire EDM can implement plating, ultra-sonic cleaning, welding, laser marking and electro-polishing and will work with such materials as:

• Copper alloys

• Aluminum

• Bronze

• Brass

• Steel

• Exotics

Work with One of the Nation’s Most Experienced and Respected Manufacturers

An ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of customized and standard valves with years of experience as a leader in innovation and the integration of the most current technologies and as a supplier for manufactures of industrial, defense and medical equipment can help businesses develop and test high-precision parts and prototypes with a quick turnaround.

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