Sep 16, 2015

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How will Hard Water Affect Your Hair?

One of the biggest issues people have in regard to hard water is the effect it has on their hair. There are some who are unable to figure out why their hair’s texture has changed, even though they are still using the same shampoo, conditioner and other products. In some cases, they don’t notice the affect that hard or soft water can have on their hair until they travel somewhere with different water. While hard water can be a bit frustrating to deal with, there are a number of water softeners that can help eradicate the issue.

Understanding Hard Water

Hard water is characterized by its higher mineral content – specifically the amount of magnesium and calcium contained in it. If you were not already aware, it can completely wreak havoc on your hair. The largest change that most people notice in regard to their hair and hard water is that it leaves the strands extremely dry and feeling like straw, regardless of how much conditioner is used. The minerals that are present in the water will also prevent the shampoo being used from lathering properly, which means that many people still feel as though their hair is dirty or oily, even after getting out of the shower. If a person is using hard water, they will also likely find that it breaks easily and for those with color in their hair the color fades much more quickly.

There are some who have to use a special shampoo to help and reduce the mineral build up that accumulates in their hair. This shampoo helps to increase the lathering affect, so they can get a good wash, but it will cause the hair to dry out even more. This means it cannot be used daily. This is why water softeners are so popular.

Minimize Hard Water Effects

Having access to soft water can help to minimize all of these adverse effects. When you place a water softener in your home, you will notice a change in both your hair and skin. Since there are fewer minerals in this water, you will be able to wash your hair much more easily and it will feel softer and healthier. Your hair will also feel and look cleaner, since it is able to better lock in the moisture. There are some people who have noticed water softeners can reduce the body and shine of hair, but these are issues easily fixed with various styling products.

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