Sep 3, 2018

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How Today’s Oil Companies are Creating Better, Safer Pipelines

How Today’s Oil Companies are Creating Better, Safer Pipelines

There is a common and long-held misconception that the construction of oil and natural gas pipelines is a major detriment to the environment. While there is certainly some truth to the fact that laying and maintaining pipelines improperly can be dangerous to plants, animals, and people, there is a lot that most people don’t know about how today’s pipelines are created and installed to prevent these occurrences. In reality, pipelines are becoming safer and cleaner every day – all while continuing to deliver the energy we need in every home, office and commercial building.

Planning Before Pipelaying

The first phase of laying pipes for oil and natural gas pipelines is finding suitable regions and prospective paths for those pipes. This is an important step because – with more focus than ever on man’s impact on the surrounding wilderness – Canadian pipeline construction companies are making greater efforts than ever to ensure that pipelines are built in safe ways that have minimal effect on the plants, animals, and residents of the areas through which they pass.

Ongoing Protection

The consideration to people and places doesn’t end when pipeline construction does. Oil companies also set up monitoring processes around their pipelines and mining operations to ensure continuing safety of everyone nearby. This monitoring is used to create and dispatch repair or maintenance measures as needed, so problems don’t become large enough to create negative environmental impacts.

Canadian Oilfield and Pipeline Standards

Canada holds their oil pipeline companies to a higher standard than many other nations regarding safety and environmental impact. Calgary-area pipeline construction companies work hard to deliver the maximum amount of energy to consumers while creating minimal impact on the territories through which they pass. This attention to detail and dedication to improving the lives they already touch by providing fuel is why today’s oil companies are part of the solution to a healthier, happier tomorrow for everyone!

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