How to Win a Food Poisoning Claim in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Outbreaks of food poisoning are constantly in the news. One story was about romaine lettuce being sold in stores with E. coli. This type of contamination can cause sickness, hospitalization, and even death. What happens when you are hospitalized for food poisoning? Read on to find out how to win a food poisoning claim.

Medical Records

If you want to prove that food served at a restaurant made you sick, you must provide medical records. Your records must show a diagnosis of food poisoning from a doctor. It helps to give a stool sample to the courts, showing the specific pathogens that made you sick. An experienced personal injury attorney Twin Cities can assist with obtaining your lab work.

Know the Pathogens

You will need evidence to help with winning your case. It is also helpful to know the names of pathogens that cause food poisoning. This list includes clostridium botulinum, E. coli., campylobacter and cyclospora.

Must Cause Harm

The food poisoning must have caused you significant harm. A Michigan man consumed food that was contaminated with E. Coli and ended up experiencing acute renal failure. This illness can seriously harm your health and cause hospitalization. If you were hospitalized and developed certain health complications, then you must show your medical records as evidence.

If you sue the restaurant, then your personal injury attorney Twin Cities, can gain access to corporate and health department documents. However, a lawsuit forces the restaurant to share their information, and you can interview employees to find out additional information. Foodborne illness can cause physical damage. You should seek medical attention and legal advice immediately.

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