Jun 12, 2015

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How to Verify the Insurance of a Roofing Contractor in Columbia MD

How to Verify the Insurance of a Roofing Contractor in Columbia MD

Getting your roof worked on requires finding a Roof Contractor in Columbia MD you can trust. This involves investigating local roofers. As you do this, it’s necessary to confirm that a prospective roofer has valid insurance. Many state laws require roofers to carry a minimal level of insurance. Use the following steps to help you confirm insurance coverage. You may need to alter some steps as you proceed.

To verify the existence of an active insurance policy, politely ask a Roofing Contractor in Columbia MD for the name of his insurance agent. When a roofer offers to show you proof of insurance, cordially decline the offer. Only accept proof of coverage from an insurance agent. Call this insurance agent and ask for a certificate of insurance. This document is proof of insurance. It’s not a copy of an insurance contract but does contain relevant details contained in an insurance contract.

To send you a certificate of insurance, an insurance agent may have to get verbal or written permission from the roofer. Once this consent is obtained, an agent can send you this document by fax, email, or traditional mail. You can even opt to pick it up in person. Review the document to ensure that the roofer has the minimal level of insurance to legally conduct work on your home.

Pay attention to key parts of the certificate of insurance. These parts should be filled out completely. The producer is the name of the insurance company. The insured is the roofer. Your name should be listed under certificate holder. Look at the policy effective date and the policy expiration date. Work being done on your home should be on the policy effective date, the day before the policy expiration date, or a day in between these two dates. The certificate of insurance should also list the type of coverage the roofer has along with the limits of the coverages.

By getting proof of insurance, you can protect your financial interests. You will also be abiding by the laws of the state in which you live. For information on roofing services, please talk to an expert at Politz Enterprises Inc. This company can handle many services for commercial and residential customers. You can also Click Here to view this company’s website.

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