Apr 25, 2014

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How to Use Light to Enhance your Living Space

The Condos for Sale on Ocean Avenue offer lovely natural light throughout the day. However sometimes natural light can cast glare making it uncomfortable from certain aspects of your home. As well your home needs proper lighting both during the day and at night. Your lighting cannot be overlooked when you are designing your interior as it has to be used as task lighting as well as to help create moods and even cast a focal point on art and other accessories.

The Function of Light

When looking for lighting for your condo you have to remember that each light should serve a particular purpose. You want to place lights on desks for task lighting, on side tables for mood lighting and on a hall table to provide a warm welcome when you arrive home after an evening out. You also want to consider the uses of your space. For example a room with a large TV should have light that can be dimmed for better viewing. You can also create ambience with lighting above and below kitchen cabinets, in alcoves or along an interesting architectural feature in a room.

Balancing Natural and Artificial Light

Consider the natural light in a room and how much additional light you require as that light begins to fade. This will affect how much artificial light you will require. It is important that light works well with the environment of a room. Remember that too bright of natural light can pose a problem interfering with computer and television screens as well as casting unpleasant glare off of table tops, mirrors and other surfaces. Be certain you look at how natural light falls in a room and make adjustments by adding blinds to help lighten glare if required.

Light and Color

Lighting will actually affect the appearance of the size of a room. Lights on walls can make a room look larger and work well in entry halls to open them up more. Natural light also helps enlarge space and will also affect the way colors appear on your walls and other design features. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing your paint colors. Artificial light can really make a huge impact on the color of your walls and there is a wide gamut of lighting hues; some are whiter, some bluer and others more yellow.



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