How to Use Business Reply Cards to Benefit Your Company

Most companies and consumers shudder when they consider business reply cards. They can be annoying little cards that tell potential customers they have gotten themselves on one list or another and companies realize this. However, it is possible to use these options in the right way to benefit the company and the customer.

When to Use

Though in most cases, other forms of marketing and response tracking should be used, there are a few times where business reply cards really work well. If you want to use confidentiality to get feedback from your customers or a targeted audience, you can use these cards. It can be very difficult to get honest feedback about your company or product because people feel they are always being tracked. A business reply card is anonymous.

Whenever you consider a printed material to advertise, a reply card is a great option. This includes direct mail, printed magazines and newspapers. Offer something and then include the card to get feedback and have them order your product or service, or use it to allow them to receive free information about your brand.

Once a customer purchases something, business reply cards can be used to promote something. Many large items require a special form to be filled out for the warranty information or to register the product in the event of problems.

If you are targeting an audience that doesn’t have easy access to a computer, a reply card could be a good option, as well. Many older people know how to use the Internet and email, but probably don’t have their own computer. In addition, people working in the skill-trades, such as plumbers, electricians, sales people and repair people may not have a lot of time to get online because of their jobs.

Make Them Work

Whether your need arises from any of the above examples or you just like business reply cards, you must make them work for your product or company. Spend time on the design and options available to ensure that potential customers will want to respond. Get as much information about them as you can and then pre-fill those areas of the form. This makes it easier and quicker for them to fill out the form. You will want to make sure postage is already taken care of. No one wants to spend money returning a card that the company requested and they will just get thrown in the trash.

business reply cards can be a good option, if you know how they should work and what to do to make them great. Consider McAdams Graphics today.

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