Jun 27, 2018

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How to Think Like a Home Interior Design Expert in Washington DC

How to Think Like a Home Interior Design Expert in Washington DC

Are you eager to update a room or your entire DC area home? If you have never done any sort of interior design work, you are in for both a treat and a challenge. From the outside, many view the prospect of redecorating a space as little more than some updates to window dressings, paint and maybe a few more advanced options like lighting or flooring. Yet, once involved in the process, it always becomes far more complex than that. So, how can you start to think like a home interior design expert in Washington DC, and get the best results?

Let’s consider a few of the steps that can help.

Briefing Yourself Like a Home Interior Design Expert in Washington DC

One of the first things that a home interior design expert in Washington DC worthy of that title would do is sit down with you and get a very clear idea of several key issues. One is the overall scope of the project as you envision it and as your budget dictates. The next is that they would ask you precisely what it is you aim to accomplish. After all, is it just updating or refreshing? Or are you hoping to transform an entire room or home?

That brief would also look at who uses a space, how they use it and more. Then comes the most important part – what design choices would reflect you, your tastes, your style and so on?

And it is that this point that many novices realize they can’t think like an expert because they don’t have the background or understanding of what it would mean to transfer their tastes or personal esthetic to an interior design project. As one expert has said about “thinking” like a professional, “The idea is to bring together different elements…so that you can check it all works, before you start spending – and possibly wasting – money in the shops…especially when you start getting waylaid by that really pretty sofa fabric that is actually far too pale to deal with the kids’ sticky fingers.” In other words, it can take a lot of clear thinking to make a beautiful, functional space that meets all of your needs.

That is why you’ll want to work with, rather than try to think like an expert. With Zoe Feldman Design homeowners work with a Parsons School of Design graduate and award-winning designer who emphasizes a unique approach to her work. Feldman has in-depth conversations with clients to understand their unique vision, needs and hopes for any space. The result is space that feels precisely right for the client and which reflects the modern, yet classic esthetic within all of her design projects. Get in touch for a consultation. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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