Aug 21, 2015

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How to Take Care of Cuticles and When to Use a Nail Cuticle Treatment

Cuticles are an important part of our nails that is often overlooked, and occasionally mistreated. As one of the most important parts of the nail system, it is a shame that cuticles have to suffer the abuse that is so common amongst women trying to keep neat and shapely nails. Learning why cuticles are important and how to take care of them properly can help prevent most common cuticle problems. Even women with unhealthy cuticles can reduce the damage by using a nail cuticle treatment and cutting out damaging habits.

Cuticles are Important

Cuticles are an important part of the nail system, and if they are not functioning properly, nail health could really suffer. Damaged or brittle cuticles let in bacteria that could lead to an infection. The cuticle is like the protective barrier for the nail, and without healthy cuticles, an infection is very likely to occur. Women should work hard to keep their cuticles healthy and looking fresh. This might mean using a nail cuticle treatment, but it could also mean just learning how to avoid damaging the cuticle in the first place.

Do Not Cut Them!

The worst thing a woman can do to her cuticles is trim them. Many women believe that snipping the cuticles will keep them looking nice and even make them healthier. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cutting cuticles could expose the nail to an infection and it will lead to rough looking cuticles that are hard and more likely to crack in the future. Women who want neater looking cuticles should use an orange stick and begin lightly pushing them back every day. Over time, they will recede slightly and take on a neater appearance, but they will not dry out, become hard or brittle.

Bounce Back with a Nail Cuticle Treatment

If a woman does make the mistake of cutting and she is suffering from brittle or unsightly cuticles, it is time to break out the nail cuticle treatment. Such a treatment is designed to moisturize that area and make it into a softer and more pliable piece of skin. By treating the cuticles regularly, a woman can improve both the look and strength of that important barrier.

With a better understanding of cuticles, and how to take care of them, it should be easy to keep them in good shape. Treatments are useful, but only when they are really needed.

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