Mar 31, 2015

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How to Stop Insider Attacks

For many years, both large and small enterprises have successfully managed to tackle threats related to their IT and business data. Usually, these threats were in the form of data corruption, Trojans, and viruses, but recent crime studies have shown that organizations are more at risk from insider than various outsider or cyber threats.

These internal threats are larger than the size of malicious software attacks from outsiders and have the capability of stealing important information from your business. This is what makes it imperative for organizations to analyze potential threats and risks related to insider threats. But, how can they do so? Well, let’s take a look at these five tips and find out:

1. Protect Main Assets First

When it comes to preventing insider threats, first ask: what’s the single most important piece of information in your company? Is it your financial data? Or perhaps an important device or component that requires safeguarding? Determine what would be worth billions or millions of dollars and look for ways to secure it using a Security Analytics solution. You can consider encryption, monitoring or logging of data, or restricting access to unauthorized users.

2. Study Past Attacks

It doesn’t matter if your security system is the best. If an attack took place within its deployment period, there could be chances of many more attacks in the future. Therefore, learn from past attacks and conduct studies on how did invaders manage to access or steal important business data. Look for ways to put new security controls in place and watch for similar types of attacks in other organizations or consider investing in Insider Threat Deterrence.

3. Suspicious Behavior = Matter of Concern

Now, you may be successful in preventing insider threats, but don’t think for one minute that suspicious behavior has nothing to do with insider threats. Watch for human-behavior warning signs to detect potential threats beforehand or take help from Insider Threat Deterrence. If you feel an employee is acting suspicious or trying to gain access to important business information, tell your security team to keep a close check to prevent attacks on your business.

4. Keep an Eye on Who You Recruit

According to recent studies, many employees who are likely to commit frauds are new recruiters from outside or inside references. And most experienced employees will state they aren’t committing a crime, but actually they just act as a medium, giving data to someone else who is committing a crime. Therefore, consider investing in Insider Threat Deterrence or keep an eye on the recruiting department, to make it easier for you to log every task an employee performs.

5. Invest in a Solution

Last, but not the least, the best way to stop insider attacks is to invest in a proper Insider Threat Detection solution, like Gurucul’s Insider Threat Deterrence. This solution comes with the most advanced set of technologies, such as Identity Based Threat Detection, Identity Based Anomaly Detection, User Behavior Analysis, and Privilege Access and User Monitoring to detect potential threats beforehand.

So, now that you are familiar with the five tips mentioned above, stopping insider threats and protecting your business’ assets won’t be a problem.

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