Feb 14, 2013

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How To Start An Ice Company Of Your Own

If you know anything about ice sculptures you know all too well just how expensive they can be. Have you ever given any thought to starting your very own ice company? If you have you will want to read on to find out simple steps you can take to make this become a reality for you.

The first step towards creating your own ice company is going to be to get your hands one some ice sculpting equipment. You can start with using a chain saw or die grinder. It is best to experiment with a lot of different sharp objects so that you can see the effect each of them has on the ice. Each sharp object will leave you with a different shape in the ice and will create very different textures for you. You will have to decide which texture you like the best and ultimately which sculpting equipment you like best. Be sure that whichever type of equipment you choose is going to be affordable to you. It will not be a good idea to start a business with equipment you will never be able to pay for. Take it slow and eventually your company will grow and blossom.

The next step to starting your own ice company is going to be getting your hands on some ice to practice with and to create your masterpieces with. Be sure to purchase as clear an ice you can find. Clear ice is much more beautiful as a finished product than cloudy ice is. If you have to pay a bit more for the clear ice, then so be it. It will be worth it to you and your clients once you start selling to use clear ice, because you may become known for having some of the best ice sculptures. You can order your ice from any ice house that professionally creates blocks for sculpting.

Start out with small blocks of ice first and then gradually move your way up to the larger pieces of ice. It is going to take a lot of practice with many pieces of ice before you are good enough to actually sell some of your pieces. Be patient and willing to put the long hours in and you will reap the benefits of your labor one day. It is best to practice until you feel as if you can no longer practice. As the old adage says, “practice makes perfect.” This is true in ice sculpting as well as other things.

Once you get good enough and are ready to sell your product, you will need to come up with prices for them. Once you set a price scale then have fun and enjoy making money doing something you love!

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