Jun 29, 2018

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How to Start A Business with Condos for Sale

How to Start A Business with Condos for Sale

Have some condo-style property to sell and wondering if you could make a living out of it? Here are some tips to get your started selling luxury real estate – and living a little better, yourself!

Condos are a Different Breed

Selling a condo is a different experience from selling a typical apartment or single-family home. When you have luxury condos for sale – like those offered by Vitre in Manhattan – you’re typically looking for financially-stable, professional couples or singles as buyers. These people will be looking in different places for rentals and real estate than families or newlyweds on a budget, so you’ll have to market to them differently.

Stage it Right
Many times, condominiums can feel cookie-cutter and boring. When you have multiple condos for sale in the same NYC Upper East Side location, setting them apart from the many other properties New York has to can be difficult.

This is where creative staging comes into play. Use specific colors or themes in each condo you have to offer or hire a professional staging and photography specialist to help you prepare your listings. When your condo looks like it could be someone’s home, people are more likely to make it theirs.

Accentuate the Positives

There is more to selling your condo than providing proof that the location is livable. You want your buyers to feel like they’re truly treating themselves like they’re getting a lot for their investment. Be sure to brag a little bit about the amenities your location offers. Tell your buyers how conveniently-placed the community or complex is within the surrounding neighborhood and be sure to show off the many comforts of penthouse living. They’ll feel like they’re making the best purchase of their lives, and you’ll have one more sale in the books and paycheck in the bank!

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