Jun 16, 2015

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How To Select A People Counter System Provider

If you are in the retail business, one good investment you should consider is a people counter system. Research indicates that those who do have them installed do not regret it. They find people counters to be beneficial – improving their business and business practices. Yet, before you go ahead and select a particular system and the company to install and monitor it, you need to carefully research what is available.

What Is a People Counter?

First things first. You need to understand exactly what a people counter is. This will let you make some assumptions upon which to base your criterion for choosing a company to supply you with a system. A people counter, often called a traffic counter, is a form of electronic device that use readers generally mounted at entrances. These systems actually count the number of people who walk into a particular facility or a designated zone of a retail outlet.

Qualities You Require from a People Counter System

If you plan on installing a people counter system, you need to make sure it will fulfill your expectations. You need to have one that you can trust to be accurate in telling you how many clients entered your store, when and length of stay. In order to meet your basic requirements, you need to look at different aspects of the companies that provide the services. It is important that you include the following in the list of qualities:

  • Experience: A novice company may be able to answer your questions and be technologically adept, but are they experienced in handling your specific demands. Opt for experience. It will serve you well in the long term.

  • Support: No matter how good and/or fool proof the system, you will end up at some point asking for help. Make sure the company has a support system that you can contact 24/7. Make certain there is support not only for the technology but also for all aspects of the system.

  • Technology: What types of technology are available to you? Is it a one-size fits all company, or are they able to cater to the needs of your particular retail outfit?

  • References: Does the company provide them for you online or in person? Can you actually contact these people to ask about how they find the people counter system and its provider?

  • Staff: How do the staff handle your questions and requests? Do they provide solid company service? Are they professionals? Does the company provide trained professionals to install?

  • Training: Does the company provide training for its staff, your staff and anyone else involved with your retail people counter system. You, in the very least, need to know as much as possible about the system, hardware, software, etc., that is being installed.

  • Warranty/Guarantees: If the company offers a lengthy warranty, this is an indication they are committed to the quality of their product and the service of their company.

People Counter

If you do your research, you will be able to separate the good companies from the bad and determine which ones are in for the long haul. Ask the right questions and examine any reviews. Talk t past and current clients. Interact with the staff and see who they communicate. By doing all these things, you should be able to find the best people counter system for your retail needs.

If you are looking for a technically advanced and reliable People Counter, get in touch with the professionals at V-Count. We provide accurate systems that benefit the businesses and interests of all our clients. If you want to discover more about how our products can provide you with what you need to improve your business and take it to a new level, contact us online.

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