Sep 7, 2016

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How to Save Time and Money on Office Supplies

How to Save Time and Money on Office Supplies

Staying on top of your office’s supply needs can be a hassle. In addition, these supplies can eat up a large portion of a small company’s budget. Here are some tips to help you save time and money on office supplies.

Know What You Need

  • Create a master inventory list. List every item that your office uses regularly. If you have access to the data, it’s also a good idea to list the quantity of each item used over the last year. This helps to give you an idea of the quantity you’ll need over the year to come. The list should also show the current quantity on hand of each item, so you know which items must be replaced first

Know What You Can Spend

  • Determine your budget. It’s likely that you have a specific budget assigned to office supplies each year. You should know at all times how much has been spent and how much remains.
  • Determine how much you can spend right now and what you need most, keeping in mind the total amount of these items you’ll need to purchase over the rest of the year.

Scope Out a Store

  • Find a warehouse company that sells the supplies you need. Most of these companies have websites where you can determine that the store carries every item you need. Avoid office supply stores. Warehouse stores give you the best deal.

Get Ready to Buy

  • Buy your items in bulk. This is the most important tip for saving time and money on the items you need.
  • To place your first bulk order, start with the items you need right now, and order enough of these to get you through at least six months. Place as large an order with as many of your needed supplies as your budget will allow.
  • Each time you place a bulk order, order the items lowest in inventory first and ensure that you are ordering enough of these to be able to avoid ordering again for a long time. In no time, you’ll see that you are ordering less and less frequently, and you’ll find that you are spending less by the end of the year.

Have it Delivered

  • Have your order delivered. One reason many companies stick with office supply companies instead of switching to warehouse stores is because office supply companies offer delivery. But, there are companies that will deliver your supplies from the warehouse store for a very nominal fee. It is well worth your time to have supplies delivered.

Following these simple tips can transform your process for keeping a stocked office. Once you start buying in bulk from a warehouse store, you’ll never go back to buying supplies every month. Find out more for office supplies in NYC.

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