How To Safely Buy From Online Jewellery Stores

Shopping from the comfort of your home has always been an excellent alternative to going to a physical store. You can usually save a lot of money because the internet shops have low overhead costs and can pass those savings onto you. Many times, they’ll have surplus or overstock items, which they can sell even cheaper than at bargain shops, making it an excellent way to find the necklaces and other items you want. However, you need to learn how to safely buy from online jewellery stores first.

Know Before You Go

It’s necessary to know what you’re shopping for and the budget you have. It may seem like more work, but you’ll get a better idea of what you can spend and what you need or want. You can still window-shop on the internet, and you may end up adding too much to the virtual cart and spend too much.

You should also decide whether you want necklaces, rings, bracelets or other jewelry first and then do some research. Do you want diamonds or other gemstones? Do you want a plain gold watch or something bold and brassy? Understanding your style and needs first will help to ensure that the store offers what you’re seeking.


You should also know which size you’ll need or want. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for necklaces or rings because everything is sized. Necklaces are slightly more forgiving, but if you purchase a choker and find that it doesn’t fit your neck, you’ll be disappointed. Therefore, you may want to measure your neck for tighter necklaces and ensure that the size listed will fit you. If you want a longer necklace, you can take the tape measure around the neck and let it dangle down to the general area you want the necklace to hit (or measure a favorite necklace).

The Website

Online jewellery stores offer many pieces and items of varying sizes and prices. Make sure you visit the site and read about their exchange and return policies. Because you’re buying from the internet, you may be required to pay for return shipping or may only have 30 days to return after purchase.

The site should also provide customer service options, such as FAQs, live chat or email. You may have trouble buying something, especially if it is your first time. Therefore, you want someone to be available to help you through the process.

Online jewellery stores are an excellent way to get quality pieces for a fraction of the cost. Visit 99jewels today to learn more.

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