How to Remove the Costly Secrets and Lies from Your Marriage

During the early stages of a relationship, each person in the couple may impart far too much information and share secrets that they may have wished to have held on to for a while longer. When secrets and lies within your marriage begin to take over, and you lose the trust of your partner, it is time to find a qualified marriage therapist if you want to save your marriage.

Trust Is Everything

When you can no longer trust your partner, the relationship can be significantly damaged, and to some extent, couples may believe that it will not be possible to repair the marriage. The level of secrets and lies will vary between couples, but where there is any hope, you will need to find a qualified marriage therapist if you want to save your marriage.

The marriage therapist is not going to take sides. Their role is to help the partners to communicate more effectively than in the past by teaching skills that help both individuals understand how the other feels and the consequences of any of their actions.

The therapist will help the couple acknowledge the problems that have existed in the past by helping both individuals express their feelings openly. This is intended to help understand the truth that exists between a couple.

By building levels of trust, deception may be removed from the relationship. The honesty will return because the couple will have gained new skills so that they can communicate any difficulties before the problem becomes too much for the marriage to contain.

Small lies usually lead into bigger lies. Unless you become an international CIA operative, you may not have the skills to cover up your previous lies and when they mount up problems will occur in the future.

Either or both parties will feel extremely guilty when they are concealing information that is detrimental to the other person in their marriage. The earlier you can find a qualified marriage therapist, if you want to save your marriage, then the sooner you will be on the road to understanding how to manage your guilt and remove the suspicious manner that exists between you, for the future.

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