May 24, 2017

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How to Reduce the Awful Smell from Urinals and Drains in Your Public Bathrooms

Organizations and establishments get known in the community for the quality of their public bathrooms. Where there are constant over consuming smells from urinals and drains in public bathrooms, this information will quickly be shared across social media, and other outlets and your business or non-profit organization may be visited less often. How can you solve this problem with a drain odor eliminator?

Finding A Seal to Prevent the Smell Rising

There are two problems to solve. The first is the dreadful smell arising from urinals in the men’s bathrooms. Even those companies that use nice smelling fragrance blocks in the urinals are often overcome by the poor odor that is stronger than the blocks.

The second problem stems from the drains on the floor in public bathrooms. These can also be found in kitchens, warehouses, and other areas. There should be a trap that contains water, and this prevents, in a similar way to a toilet bowl, the smell rising. In drains, when the water evaporates over time, and there is insufficient water going back into the drain to refill the trap, the odor will quickly fill the room, and you will need to purchase drain odor eliminators to eliminate the dreadful smells from the drains.

A trap is required in both sets of circumstances to prevent the odor from rising back into the public area. Where a professional drain odor eliminator is used, the liquid will sit as a trap over the top of the water and provided the drain is used normally, without enormous amounts of water poured down the trap, the trap liquid will last a long time.

Waterless urinals provide an excellent trap system so that the urine passes through the trap by using gravity so that odors cannot move through the trap and back into the bathroom.

Sitename provide water conserving urinal fixtures and the most cost-effective waterless your urinals across the world’s markets. With drain odor eliminators and water-saving toilets, the plumbing industry has changed forever and the environment helped considerably by saving water.

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