How To Qualify For Medical Cannabis In Houston

There is considerable confusion for many people about the process of how to qualify for medical cannabis in Houston. Part of the confusion is in the relatively recent legalization of medical marijuana to allow patients with qualifying medical and psychological conditions to be approved for medical cannabis.

The other factor that leads to confusion for patients moving from other states is the process of how to qualify for medical cannabis. Texas uses a prescription rather than a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor, which is more commonly used in other states.

The Basics

One advantage qualifying patients have in Houston is the ability to schedule their appointment with a medical marijuana doctor over the phone. Some other states allow for telemedicine appointments, which require video conferencing for the appointment. Texas only requires the patient to talk to the doctor on the phone.

The patient must first pre-screen for a qualifying condition and then schedule an appointment for the phone call. The patient also provides required medical records and documentation prior to the phone conversation.

Next Steps

Once approved by a CUP (Compassionate Use Program) registered physician, the patient’s prescription is entered into the registry. This information is available to the dispensary, and patients in Texas do not need to carry a medical marijuana card. Picking up the prescription at the dispensary requires ID and confirmation of personal information. The dispensary can also deliver the prescription anywhere in the state, eliminating the need to travel to a dispensary location.

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