May 21, 2014

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How to Properly Inspect Roofs in Albany OR

Houses need Roofs in Albany OR that provide functionality and longevity so the roofing systems can sustain their integrity and perform at optimal levels. To achieve this, home owners should inspect their roofing systems on a regular basis. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends conducting a roofing inspection one a year.

It’s advisable to do this task when there is ample daylight and the weather is mild. Safety is the number one priority when surveying a rooftop. If you choose to climb onto the roof, make sure you have a sturdy ladder placed on a flat surface such as the driveway. You will need a flashlight with a high-intense beam in addition to fall protection gear such as body harness and a lanyard.

You can start your inspection from the exterior or interior of your home. When starting on top of the roof, survey the area of the roofing system in straight lines going from one side to another. This will help to prevent missing any areas. Look for missing shingles and shingles that are buckling or curling. These protective roof coverings help to divert water off the rooftop and shield the underlayment from the weather elements. Look at the flashing for cracked caulk or rust spots. Flashing is pieces of material, usually metal, used to keep water from entering a home from a joint on the roof. Also check out the gutters for the presence of excess granules.

This tan-colored grit helps to protect the shingles from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Closely view the rest of the roofing system for signs of defects and deterioration.
Next, you will need to ascend into your attic to view the underside of the roofing system. Start on one side of the attic and slowly move to the opposite side. Shine the flashlight in consecutive lines to cover the entire area of the attic. Be vigilant of dark spots and paint peelings. These could be indicative of a water leak. In addition, look for water puddles on the floor of the attic. This is also a potential sign of a water leak in the rooftop.

Many Roofs in Albany OR have different pitches. This pitch, or steepness, is a key factor in deciding whether to access a rooftop. Many contractors are comfortable with a pitch of 6&12 for a single story home. You can discover this info here by visiting the company website.


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