Feb 12, 2015

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How To Prepare With Long Distance Movers Wichita KS

Moving from one residence to another can be really difficult. Some people have been living in a single house for several years. With so many memories in one place it can be hard to just pick up and move. Now imagine having to move from one end of the country to the other. If you’re planning to move far away, you’ll need the help of Long Distance Movers Wichita KS has available.

Picking up and moving across the country is nothing like moving across town. Because you’ll be moving so far away you can’t afford to make too many mistakes. In order to avoid making too many mistakes you need to start planning way ahead of schedule.

Give yourself about 2 months or more to plan your move. Two weeks should be enough time to find a mover and begin packing. When you find the Long Distance Movers Wichita KS has available, make sure you let your movers know where you’re moving and when you’d like to have everything out of the old home. Moving companies are always busy so this gives them enough time to decide how many trucks and workers they’ll have available for you.

Since you’re moving to a new home, now would be a great time for a fresh start. Take this opportunity to get rid of a lot of the clutter you have in your home right now. How? Consider having a yard sale or giving some of your old belongings to local charities. Try getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, old baby clothes, old furniture and whatever else you feel is taking up too much space.

Make sure you notify certain companies and services you do business with. For instance, call your utility company and schedule a day to have your services cut off. Call the post office and have your mail stopped and redirected. If you have cable, let them know that you’re moving as well so that they can make arrangements for you.
Again, planning ahead is very important for such a big move. Talk with your movers so that they can schedule you in and make arrangements. Lastly, consider getting rid of any unnecessary clothes or furniture you might have.

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