How to Prepare to Get a PET CT Scan

In order to properly prepare to get a PET CT scan in Riverhead, NY, patients should be aware of the benefits and risks of such a scan, and should search for a good facility in Riverhead that offers PET CT scans.

A PET CT scan is essentially a nuclear medicine examination. Some of the benefits of nuclear medicine examinations include:

* Information that is unique and detailed functionally and structurally.

* Useful information that is needed to make a diagnosis and determine the proper treatment.

* Detection of an early onset of disease.

* Less room for error – since both the PET and CT scans are performed simultaneously, the person does not have to change positions.

More convenience for the patient, since the PET and CT scans can be done in one sitting rather than at two different times.

As with all medical procedures, there are some risks involved in getting a PET CT scan done in Riverhead, NY. Although the patient will be informed of all possible risks prior to the scan, there are some risks of which one should be aware.

* There is a very low radiation risk involved, since the patient will have to take small doses of administered radiotracer. There are no known long-term effects from exposure to these low doses.

* The patient should inform the medical personnel of any known allergies or any known problems with previous nuclear medicine exams. There is a possibility that allergic reactions to radiopharmaceuticals can occur, but having been tested well, this possibility is extremely rare and the allergic reactions usually very mild.

If you are searching for a facility in Riverhead, NY that offers PET CT scans, you should follow these steps:

* Talk to your doctor to determine whether or not a PET CT scan is right for you.

* Ask your doctor for suggestions on a facility in Riverhead, NY that is reliable and known for its ability to provide quality medical care.

* Tour the facility of your choice and make sure it is a comfortable fit for you.

* Take time to read patient reviews of PET CT scans in your Riverhead, NY medical facility.

* Consider certain factors of your chosen facility, including but not limited to: location in Riverhead, NY, costs involved in a PET CT scan, other medical procedures that are offered, specialization in PET CT scans, safety standards practiced by the facility, and the quality and certification of the medical staff. These factors will play a major role in ensuring effective and quality treatment for you.

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